The HealthWatch

(All-In-One Package)

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Lifetime Warranty
Money-Back Guarantee
Made For Retirees

"Ever since COVID, I retired and my health has been my priority. I can easily track my steps, heart-rate & blood pressure."
- David, Retired Firefighter

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First Affordable Smartwatch

Why are other Smartwatches so expensive?

Listen, they make you pay for the brand, not the product.

We offer more options than the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and more for 1/15 of the price.

Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen

Know your blood pressure & blood oxygen to prevent viruses & heart-attacks.

Heart-Rate Monitor

Check your heart-rate in real-time.

It's really important to prevent health problems like viruses.

Calls & Messages Notification

Never miss important notifications ever again.

The HealthWatch can display incoming calls, and any type of messages.

Weather Advisor

Check the weather within 2 touches.

Simple - Just like it should be.

Track Your Activities

Monitor your heart-rate, steps, calories you lost to help you improve your health.

Record walking, running, cycling, soccer, basketball, badminton, and more!

Sleep Monitor

Understand your sleep to transform your health.

It's proven that sleep is the #1 reason for good health.

Why not invest in it?

Music Control

Play, pause and change your music without taking your phone out.


Once you slap the HealthWatch in, you won't need to take it off.

Money-Back Guaranteed

If you're not satisfied with the HealthWatch, tear up the invoice.

You won't owe us a cent.

What could be fairer than that?

Lifetime Warranty

If the watch stops working, send us an email at for a refund, or a free replacement.